Anthony Davey

"This time last year March 24th 2021 little did i think that a year on i would be well and truly under the "cancer spell". Being Diagnosed with a Cancerous brain tumor, it was a huge amount for both me and my family to take in and take on. Whilst the doctors and hospitals get down to the nitty gritty of dealing with cancer there are lots of unknown side issues which they cannot start to look after.
This is when I found the Cuan Cavan Cancer Support group.
Their attitude from day 1 has always been what can we do to alleviate your issues . Maybe it's to talk to a counsellor to get the worries off your chest (yes us men need counselling too) , maybe you feel tired or drained and you need to try to maintain some kind of fitness levels (Strides Walking Group) when you are feeling up to it, or maybe you just want to sit down with a few new found friends have a tea/coffee have a chat and even just put Cancer out of your head for an hour or two at their beautiful new centre in Tullacmongan.
Cuan has been all of these things and so much more to me over the last year. A safe , giving , kind and healing centre who will do anything within their capacity to help you on your journey,
This service is for young and old, women and MEN .
On this cancer journey you cannot deny that you will need help, even at the best of times this can be an arduous task but CUAN is here to provide you with the best possible solutions to your issues and if they are not already providing what you need they will look into accessing it in a timely manner.
Any questions or queries just drop in to the centre ( Monday, Wednesday or Friday ) or give the lovely Maria / Angie a call to discuss any issues.

Hope to see you there soon.

Agnes Duffy

I would like to praise the support and services offered by Cuan. In particular, Miriam goes out of her way to help cancer patients. She has helped me so much on my cancer journey and got me the relevant help I needed. I cannot praise her enough. I have also availed of counselling services in the centre and found it very calming and reassuring.

Rita Behan

In March 2018 having just moved to Cavan 3 months previous I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn't really know anyone in Cavan and was delighted to come across a flyer for Strides walking group organised through Cuan Cavan. Over the weeks I met some lovely ladies among them Fiona, Nuala and Miriam. Through them I was introduced to the centre and my trips there for tea and a chat were a tonic when I needed it. A second course of Strides walking group was set with another group of lovely ladies, Kathleen Carmel & Magdalene, the Virginia group among them and can't wait for it to start again. For anyone thinking of available if the services at Cuan, you won't be disappointed.

Vera Dunne

Cuan helped me right from the start. Cuan helped specially when I was at my lowest, just after diagnosis, when I was panicking and fearful; you know those early days of diagnosis, you don't know where to turn and you're still dazed by the diagnosis.
Though I remember I was apprehensive about going that first night, I had so many doubts about what it might be. How could this possibly help me? Cancer is cancer and I just have to face up to it sort of thing. Maybe best to just buckle up and get on with it. And who would be there? Would we have to all sit around in a circle and share our personal stories like you see on TV? Would it be very formal with a speaker maybe? Or, I wouldn't know anyone there etc. etc. I remember opening the door and all those questions and doubts dissolved instantly. I was met with warm smiles and warmer welcomes. I specifically remember a group of people in the middle of the room turning around and smiling, I recognised Rosemary and she came over to me right away. It was as if everyone knew how I felt which of course they did and made sure to make me comfortable and welcome. People were just scattered around the room chatting, tea and biscuits were offered, there was no formality at all. Oh, the relief of just being with people who had experienced what you are going through! When you are at your lowest after a cancer diagnosis or undergoing difficult treatment or indeed afterwards this is exactly what you need. The fact that there was a large number helped me enormously too even in itself. Here was a roomful of happy, chatty, clearly healthy people who had once gone through exactly what I was feeling now. In that room a cancer diagnosis seemed almost normal. My fears and panic about cancer began to dissolve too that night.
Strangely I felt at home in a roomful of strangers. I know that large group is not possible now (despite the pandemic) but psychologically it worked for me. I really have to add I found Rosemary so reassuring and welcoming and a terrific quiet listener and she introduced me to several people that first night who of course had gone through that early fear and confusion too. A dreadful weight was starting to lift. During and after treatment I availed of several treatments at Cuan which she let us know about. You all must miss her quiet and constant support dreadfully.
The meditation sessions were great and reiki (which I incidentally had that very first night) was just what I needed.
Once a friend who had been very supportive to me all along happened to drop me off there one day and she was invited to come to the meditation session too and that was lovely to share with her.
From Tony's point of view, it was good too I'm sure somewhere else for me to share the stress of the whole thing. Sometimes those caring and looking on can be very stressed and feel overwhelmed, I'm sure.
Though of course they might never say so nor even be aware of it. But certainly, Cuan helps them to carry that burden.
So yes, Cuan has been a brilliant support.
I did feel very sad when someone I had bonded with their died, a lovely lady. But we know these sad things happen I suppose.
A group of us from Cuan also had a lovely meal out one night organised by Mary (Rooney) and we had planned to do so again but Covid intervened. We will though!
So, I'd like just to reinforce the necessity for Cuan, it is a brilliant and necessary service and the people I've met there have certainly been life enhancing people for me and taught me many things. (There is no doubt but cancer teaches many lessons too.).
So, thank you all, especially the volunteers, as I can truly say you have been an incredible support since I first stepped into that Farnham upstairs room in April '17.
Thanks especially to Rosemary she was like a safe haven back then.
I always recommend Cuan highly to everyone I can.
Kindest regards and thank you to all there you have made my cancer journey so much easier and more bearable.

Rita Higgins

My experiences from I got involved with Cuan have been very positive.
Firstly I benefited from the therapies during and after Chemo. After two sessions of Thrive and Survive, which sadly ended because of the Pandemic, I had already got some help. Since lock down the benefits have been greatly appreciated:
1 Yoga and Healthy Living with Catherine.
2 Look Good Feel Better with Therese.
3 The Festive Arrangement class pre-Christmas.
All of these I found very informative and enjoyable and am still benefiting from Catherine's class. A very positive experience from my involvement with Cuan and very much appreciated.

CUAN - Cancer Understanding And Nurturing