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About CUAN

Our Vision in Cuan is that people living with a cancer diagnosis, their families & caregivers have access to social supports & services that enhance their well-being & quality of life.

Cuan offers a confidential space to talk, relax, participate in various programmes, activities & workshops and experience some complementary therapies.

Cuan is affiliated with the Irish Cancer Society and works closely with the NCCP (National Cancer Control Programme) who published the Hospital and Community-based Psychosocial Care for Patients with Cancer and their Families: A Model of Care for Psycho-Oncology in 2020

Our Vision, Mission and Values at CUAN

Vision: that people living with a cancer diagnosis and their families have access to social supports and services that enhance their well-being and quality of life.

Mission: to provide a confidential service that responds to the needs of those affected by a cancer diagnosis in a venue that is safe, welcoming and comfortable.

Values: Trust, Respect, Inclusivity and Quality.

History of CUAN

How Cuan came to be
"In December 2003 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer the one thing that I really needed, was to talk to someone who had breast cancer. I didn't want to feel alone with this disease and I wanted to hear how people had survived it. Unfortunately, it was Christmas week and although given a phone number for a specialist nurse telephone service there was no response.

I got on with it and underwent my treatment programme (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy). Life went on but I felt that every aspect of my life was overshadowed by the cancer diagnosis.

In 2010 I was again diagnosed with a different type of breast cancer, I underwent a double mastectomy and again had to pick up my life and go on. At this stage I heard about the Gary Kelly centre in Drogheda, it was a great support but still a distance from where I was living. It was an added stressor to have to travel that distance. I then heard about Crocus in Monaghan which is much nearer and availed of their services. The service was a great support.

I then asked myself why there was no service in County Cavan? People from Cavan must travel to Dublin for their surgery and radiotherapy. Some can avail of their chemotherapy in Cavan which is a great service. To then ask people to travel a distance to avail of psycho-social supports is just another burden. I contacted some people in my locality who had had a cancer diagnosis and explored the idea of starting up a local support group. Cuan came into being and started meeting once-a-week in the local Credit Union in Cootehill. The group took off. Quite a few people were travelling from Cavan town and the suggestion was made to offer a group there once a fortnight. It too was proving to be a service that was in demand.

The decision was made to relocate to Cavan and there were good bus services into the town along with being the county town. Cavan County Council was very generous and leased a small house in the centre of the town. Cuan has gone from strength to strength since that time."

Written by the founder of Cuan

CUAN Organisational Structure


Cuan Cancer Support Centre adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance and believes that setting and maintaining standards is a key element in demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders, funders and supporters.

Cuan is a registered charitable organisation (charity number CHY 22074 assigned by the Revenue Commissioners and Charity Registration Number 20142810 assigned by the Charities Regulatory Authority) and a company limited by guarantee with a voluntary Board of Directors, none of whom receive any remuneration for their service or time.

Reassuring our members, supporters and the public about our standards of governance is very important to Cuan. We are committed to making every effort to ensure that our activities are open and transparent and that donations and grants are spent in the most effective way possible. Our organisation complies with The Charities Governance Code and the Guidance for Fundraising as required by The Charities Regulator. Our accounts are independently audited annually by Kelly Rahill & Co.

You can read more about The Charities Regulator guidelines here:

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