Cancer Understanding And Nurturing

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Confidential Service

CUAN provide a confidential service that responds to the needs of those affected by a cancer

Our Team

CUAN offers a team of Therapists, Counsellors and also engages a volunteer team

Individual Approach

CUAN offer individual social supports and services that enhance well-being and quality of life

Cancer Understanding and Nurturing "CUAN"

Cuan is a social support & wellness group that provides psychological & emotional support services for men & women with a cancer diagnosis, their family members & caregivers.

The Macmillan Cancer Support's Report (2019) emphasised the vital role psychological interventions, alongside physical exercise & diet has in improving clinical outcomes, improving resilience to the effects of cancer treatments, enhancing the quality of recovery & quality of life.

The name "CUAN" is Irish in origin and means "Harbour" or "Haven". CUAN also stands for Cancer Understanding And Nurturing.

How CUAN can help

The National Cancer Survivorship Needs Assessment, 2019 states that Healthcare Professionals report that they are frequently told by cancer patients that "(the patients) feel as if they have 'fallen off a cliff' when active treatment for cancer is over. They are conscious that they should be happy & may not feel that way in addition to not wanting to be a burden to friends & family at this time".
Cuan recognises the experience of cancer & its longer term physical & psychological consequences on men, women & their family members.

Overview of Services

Cuan can support your physical & psychological wellbeing by providing a free & confidential service which includes counselling, reflexology, massage therapy, Indian head massage, reiki & nutrition advice.

Cuan provides information to cancer patients, family members & caregivers having various booklets & pamphlets in the centre relating to living with & beyond cancer.

Cuan offers a drop-in service where men & women are provided with a safe, comfortable & confidential space where they can be listened to. A place where individual needs can be assessed & recommendations can be made for a specific pathway of care within Cuan to improve overall wellbeing.

Cuan also offers a number of survivorship programmes, courses & workshops that provide people with the knowledge & skills to help their recovery in the aftermath of cancer.

All of Cuans services are free & confidential.

Referrals are accepted & welcomed from individuals experiencing cancer, family members, hospitals, GP's, Public Health Nurse & other medical professionals.

CUAN - Cancer Understanding And Nurturing